CSE291-J00: Deep Learning Lab (Computer Vision)

Fall 2020


General Information

Times & Places
Lecture: TuTh 12:30PM - 1:50PM, Zoom

Course Staff

Name Email Office Hours Location
Instructor Prof. Hao Su Wed 2-3pm Check Piazza
Course Assistant Jiayuan Gu Fri 2-3pm Check Piazza


Course description:

Deep learning has become a basic method for many application domains of artificial intelligence. While teaching materials of deep learning are easily accessible today, it is still tricky to practically apply the method after learning the theories. Many skills, such as choosing the correct toolchain, cleaning and augmenting training data, diagnosing errors, interpreting learned models, designing ablation experiments, have to be trained through extensive practices, better with instructions from experienced researchers.

This course aims to train students to solve challenging real problems, by working on a single project for the whole quarter. Candidate projects are carefully selected open challenges in Computer Vision (e.g., 3D instance segmentation of indoor scenes, The organization of the course will be in the flipped-class format: groups of students will collaborate to work on the project offline; the main content of the classes would be the discussions between the instructing staff and each group. Resources, guidance and feedback will be provided. It is expected that each student will invest above 20 hours per week.


Participants have to be master or undergraduate students who have taken deep learning related courses on campus, or have previous research experiences in academia/industry labs. The instructor will conduct manual screening by checking the background of applicants submitted at this portal.

Grading (tentative)

Getting Help

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Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to fostering a learning environment for this course that supports a diversity of thoughts, perspectives and experiences, and respects your identities (including race, ethnicity, heritage, gender, sex, class, sexuality, religion, ability, age, educational background, etc.). Our goal is to create a diverse and inclusive learning environment where all students feel comfortable and can thrive.

Our instructional staff will make a concerted effort to be welcoming and inclusive to the wide diversity of students in this course. If there is a way we can make you feel more included please let one of the course staff know, either in person, via email/discussion board, or even in a note under the door. Our learning about diverse perspectives and identities is an ongoing process, and we welcome your perspectives and input.

We also expect that you, as a student in this course, will honor and respect your classmates, abiding by the UCSD Principles of Community ( Please understand that others’ backgrounds, perspectives and experiences may be different than your own, and help us to build an environment where everyone is respected and feels comfortable.

If you experience any sort of harassment or discrimination, please contact the instructor as soon as possible. If you prefer to speak with someone outside of the course, please contact the Office of Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination:

Students with Disabilities

We aim to create an environment in which all students can succeed in this course. If you have a disability, please contact the Office for Students with Disability (OSD), which is located in University Center 202 behind Center Hall, to discuss appropriate accommodations right away. We will work to provide you with the accommodations you need, but you must first provide a current Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letter issued by the OSD. You are required to present their AFA letters to Faculty (please make arrangements to contact me privately) and to the OSD Liaison in the department in advance so that accommodations may be arranged.